The ÖTX controller allows you to configure your rebound and compression settings on ANY electronically controlled Öhlins TTX rear shock or front fork (with a white JST connector). All packaged within this very small amazing clear case that fits in the palm of your hand. Giving off a 90s GameBoy vibe.

A full fledged plug and play/easy to use product for any other custom bike builder 🔥!

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ÖTX Controller

ÖTX Controller, Final version



The first efforts in 2020 of figuring out how the Öhlins suspension stepper motors work and gettting them to move the way I want.

After some attempts I was able to fabricate a very rough Arduino setup. Being the basis for me to think about the final product and shelving further research and development till 2023.


Circuit board version 1.0. Everybody who designs electronics knows the first circuit board you order for any project always has issues. This one was the same like any… Still had allot of issues, like for example allot of electronic interference from the onboard power supply. I was able to get 1 unit working, but with to may issues.

This unit was send to VEngine to review and test on his custom Diavel. Received positive feedback that pushed me to get the project to a production state.

On to the next one!


Circuit board version 2.0! All of the issues from v1.0 are solved. The size of the board is a tiny bit larger then v1.0, but this allows me to SMD solder the whole board on a hot plate in 1 go. 

1 of the more important changes was adding connectors on the circuit board so the user can disconnect and attach cables on the unit instead of hard soldered cables with the risk of breaking solder joints on the board.

It also now includes multiple status leds. Specificly Power, Ready, Motor moving Rebound and Motor moving Compression.

Also made multiple software changes to simply and improve the user experience. On to designing a transparant case!


The first version of the 3D resin printed case has arrived! Looks amazing! It has that whole 1990’s GameBoy vibe going with it. I love it!

Everything fits perfect. Also added a small lip to the top for the user to bolt it somewhere on their bike using an M6 bolt. Time to order some more and start fabricating a small first batch.


Made some minor design changes to the version 2.0 PCB. I wanted the front to also show the ÖTX and the FTR logo. Since its being mounted in a transparant case we want all the eye candy we can get offcourse ;).

Also moved around some parts and fixed a minor issue resulting in some interference on the TX pin of the Arduino chip.