Again I fell for the same trap. While a project is still in progress im already thinking of the next project…

This bike will be the next iteration of the Futuri 900CR. Better, higher quality and no outside inspiration from a high profile bike. My own vision and lines.

Just collecting parts for now and building the engine. After that it will be on hold till I finish the Desmoto project.

Engine will be a 1100 EVO engine from a Hypermotard. Completely rebuild, tuned and made to look like new! Expected power output around 105HP on the rear wheel.



Lets break down the engine to get everything looking good again! This engine looks like it has been in the rain or in the wet for some time. No worries, everything will be build back up like better then new.

Its a 1100EVO engine from a Hypermotard. To bad its not a DS engine. Offcourse i can change/convert the heads but i wont be spending a fortune on this project. So this is fine for now :).

Everything is off to get chemically stripped, glass bead blasted and cerakoted. In the meanwhile the heads will be tuned/flowed to achieve abit more power in the end ;). Expected 105HP on the rear wheel.


While working at Biggelaar Performance, building race bikes for Project Venom Racing and my own Desmoto project im coming across parts i out aside for this project. Also buying in bulk while buying for multiple projects helps.

So here is some stuff i have already put aside. Moto-Master WSBK full floating T floater discs, CNC racing crankcase breather, Brembo P4 radial calipers from a Aprillia, Ducati 1098 front fork with black DLC coating, Ducati 1000SS frame and Ducabike clutch goodies.

Already see the theme of the bike? Jup, BLACK! Not sure on the accent color yet. Probably yellow/orange haha.


While building our race bikes for Project Venom Racing we are equiping all of them with Discacciati braking parts. Why not do the same for this project?

Used by many racing teams, and the quality/service is amazing!


The exhaust for this bike will be made out of 50mm thinwall 1mm 304 stainless. Not all pie-cuts like the Desmoto project, but a combination of straights and pie-cuts (Thanks Maikel for sourcing this <3).


Time to start rebuilding the engine. Everything brand new and its a joy to work with all clean and “new” parts.

A “gift” from one of my best friends Toine van den Biggelaar ❤. The engine was pretty rough originally and missing some parts.. Looked like it had been sitting outside in the rain.


FTR04, Hyper 1100 EVO engine finished! So it will be sitting for a while and used after I finish the Desmoto project. Living in my living room for the next 2 years haha

Nothing to special internal wise, and it doesnt look that extreme. But damn it looks newer then new and slick!

  • While building the other race engines I ordered and prepped some parts on the side to get this engine done.
  • Tuned/flowed heads
  • Glass bead blasted engine cases/cylinders/heads
  • Cerakoted engine covers in black
  • 900gr lightweight flywheel
  • Ducabike clutch assembly and cover
  • CNC racing crankcase breather
  • Stock 48-2 timing gear instead of the original EVO gears (will be running this on a IAW5 ECU)
  • Stock 1100 pistons
  • All new 304 stainless bolts everywhere (yes with ceramic grease)

Expecting a conservative 105HP at the rear wheel with this engine.


Last update NOV 2022