Futuri Motion Tech is a one person operation with an objective to amaze by constructing high-end custom motorcycles and parts. In the construction of these beautiful niche machines, most of the work is custom design/fabrication. Everything custom ranging from electronics & pcb’s, engine setup & tuning, paint & coatings, CAD, mechanical parts, thinwall exhausts, fiberglass & carbon fairings, frame modifications etc etc…

The parts and customizations created during the development of a bike are industrialized, and offered to other custom bike builders around the world through the Futuri Webshop. Allowing other “inventors” to enjoy and enhance their own projects.


My workshop is only 3×3 meters “large”. Space is a challenge so everything is mounted and stored as efficient as possible. It fits all the tools I will ever need… right?! When more space is needed or special construction is required I use other workshops from my Partner company’s.


Interested in my work/projects and maybe looking for somebody to build you your own dream project? It never hurts to have a small brainstorm session. Maybe me or a partner company i work with can help you out!
Let me know!


Futuri Motion Tech was created by me, Mark van Veggel. Im just a regular guy born in 1987 from the Netherlands that also works in the BI/IT financial sector. Lets just say puzzle pieces from my whole life so far started coming together in the year 2018/2019. Really initiating the “Futuri Motion Tech” concept in 2020 when i finished my first custom build the “Ducati Futuri 900CR”.

My Dad and Grandfather had a major impact on creating all those puzzle pieces I needed to get to this point. From peaking the interest in custom electronic design, fabrication work, entrepreneurship, racing etc etc..

When I was really young my dad sometimes would take me to classic bike races. I think this sparked the motorcycle bug. Together with him showing me footage of early Supermoto races. Damn those bikes drifiting into corners is amazing to see! Below a picture of me on a classic “125cc Moto Villa” built by Valter Villa himself at a local classic race (owned by Frans at the time).

Lets not forget about the multiple custom bikes I have seen my dad built in his garage. At the time I didnt participate in the proces but it undeniable has had an impact.

Sometime he also started racing on the circuit with me sometimes joining him. With shortly after me getting my motorcycle license and driving around on his Ducati 996. The Ducati passion was born!

A few years passed, me focussing on my career and in 2019 feeling pretty stressed out. I needed a stress release in my free time to clear out my mind and just simply build cool stuff!!

A next step was inevitable. Working more and more on bikes (sometimes abit custom) of friends and family. And then came the moment i was abit burned out because of work, sitting on the couch scrolling to Facebook Marketplace. I came across this not so amazing Ducati 900SS ie from 99 that was tucked away somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Price was right (1500 euros). Fuck it, lets go for it and initiate a change to make myself feel better. The start of all the puzzle pieces coming together…

In the year 2016/2017 I worked on a passion project concerning the development of a new cryptocurrency. The name “Futuri” was born. A call to the future to maybe became a millionaire. Did it happen? Nope… But that name stuck, it was so damn good! It needed to be repurposed for another passion project, and here we go, “Futuri Motion Tech” was born!

Special thanks to Stijn, co-creator of the Futuri Crypto dream…